The Best of Santiago

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The Island of Traditions and Agriculture

TREKKING – Mountainous island, Pico de Antónia, the most mountainous of Cape Verde, Ribeira de Stª Cruz, which have as destination the banana cooperative of Cancelo, as well as along the Ribeira dos Picos that leads to San Tiago. São Miguel, Santa Cruz HICKING – Tarrafal, Santa Catarina, Poilão, Ribeiras and valleys inland, coastal areas and beaches in the city of Praia BEACHES Beaches Urban: Gamboa, Kebra’ Kanela, Praínha. Tarrafal: Amazing Beach of tarrafal

DEEP SEA FISHING – Underwater fishing, shellfish, various atlantic species, sport fishing
ECOTURISM – Observation of migratory animals. Natural Park of the Serra da Malagueta, Natural Park of Pico da Antónia, types of tropical plantations, Nature Park of Mountain “Pico of Antónia” LUXURY TOURISM – Hotel VIP Beach, Hotel Volcano, luxury residential houses, Aprth Hotels, luxury houses for sale and renting

ENTERTAINMENT climbing to the Mountain Peak de Antónia, Dancing, Traditional Tours to the Interior of the Islands NIGHT TOURS: Cosmopolitan city of Praia, gastronomy, traditions and live music FISHING – commercial fishing, underwater fishing, artisanal fishing.

AGRICULTURE – Agriculture in considerable abundance bananas, mangoes, sugar cane, coffee, coconut, papaya and many more tropical foods COMMERCE – industrial tourism , agricultural property, houses and apartments, construction, household goods, INFRASTRUCTURE – Nelson Mandela International Airport, island with higher demand and supply of commercial and consumable goods, rental and building sales, factories , production of household goods.

HANDICRAFT – traditional clothes, traditional decoration cloths, souvenirs, sculptures, painting, ceramic, TROPICAL FOOD – A wide variety of tropical products, including papaya, melon, watermelon, banana,nuts, coconut, vegetables.
SEAFOOD – lobster, shrimp, octopus. High probability of finding all marine varieties of Cape Verde due to high imports of products from other islands.

GUIDES AND HISTORY – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German
ARCHITECTURE – medieval architecture, modern architecture, traditional houses, churches and buildings of the time of discoveries. MUSEUMS – Ethnographic Museum, Archaeological Museum , Tabanca Museum (Santa Catarina), Norberto Tavares Cultural Center (Santa Catarina), Resistance Museums (Tarrafal de Santiago) Cidade Velha Colonial and Historical Architecture

MUSIC & ART – Funaná, Tchabeta, Tabanka, Coladeira and morna WORLD EVENTS – Gamboa Beach International Festival, International Jazz Festival, Sports events CULTURAL EVENTS – traditional live music, celebrations and religious traditional events. CUSTOMS EVENTS – you can create any kind of custom event on the island: Sports, Live music of choice, local parties, cultural demonstrations, Tours and many more. Sightseeing in the countryside