The Best of Maio

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The Crystal Waters Island

TREKKING – flat island, The Mount “Penoso”, long walks along the extensive beaches with spectacular views to the Atlantic Ocean. HICKING – Long walks through the coastal area and fishing areas Oasis BEACHES: Island is surrounded by beaches with crystalline green waters. Ponta Preta, the best beach, Praia Real, Pau Seco and Porto Cais, Calheta Bay.

DEEP SEA FISHING – shellfish, various species, crystal clear waters
ECOTURISM – Saline, reforestation, locality of Morro, geology, observation of migratory animals, turtle spawning, sharks, sea turtles.

LUXURY TOURISM – There is no luxury tourism. ENTERTENIMENTO: boat trips, oasis, traditional live music, dance and music with morna, coladeira and funana. NIGHT TOURS: local coexistence, spawning of turtles,

FISHING – seafood, fish, grouper, tuna, commercial fishing, underwater fishing, artisanal fishing AGRICULTURE – tropical agriculture COMMERCE – wood charcoal, tropical food, seafood and fish INFRASTRUCTURE – Airfield of Village Porto English, beach houses with excelent view to the atlantic ocean.

HANDICRAFT – necklaces and souvenirs TROPICAL FOOD – tropical food and fruits, yam, pumpkin, lobster and grouper, fish stew SEAFOOD – lobster, grouper , shrimp, octopus, tuna, local fishing.

GUIDES AND HISTORY – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish ARCHITECTURE – traditional houses, Fortaleza was once responsible for the defense of the island on the past, The Matriz Church and some mansions resemble the architecture of other times. MUSEUMS – Northern Nature Park, Saline Museum of Porto Inglês
MUSIC & ART – morna, coladeira, funaná

WORLD EVENTS – Beacth Rotcha Festival CULTURAL EVENTS – traditional live music, pilgrimages, traditional and rural celebrations. CUSTOMS EVENTS – Water sports, Live music of choice, local and local parties and gastronomy.