The Best of Boa Vista

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A Ilha das Dunas e Praias Exóticas

TREKKING – flat island, long walks along the extensive dune beaches, a miniature of Sara’s desert. Morro de Areia, Old Curral. HICKING – Long walks through the coastal zone wrapped in sand dunes. Vila Sal-Rei, Viana Rabil Desert compared to the sara desert near the coastal zones and beaches, amazing natural environment. BEACHES: The most famous beaches in the world, long and extensive. Santa Monica Beach, Praia Grande, full of dunes and crystal clear waters.

DEEP SEA FISHING – shellfish, various species, crystal clear waters. Ecotourism whales, sharks, sea turtles, turtles and birds watching. LUXURY TOURISM 5 stars Hotels and luxury resorts.

ENTERTAINMENT: boat rides, dunes, caves and diving, traditional live music, dancing and music to the sound of the tradition, the morna music NIGHT TOURS: local cohabitation, turtle spawning, FISHING – seafood, fish, grouper tuna, commercial fishing, underwater fishing, artisanal fishing

AGRICULTURE – tropical agriculture, Campo da Serra, introduction of goats and cows from the canaries COMMERCE – traditional cheese, tourist goods, fish and seafood, household goods, profitable touristic business, import, hotels and resorts INFRASTRUCTURE – Aristides Pereira International Airport, tourist infrastructure

HANDICRAFT – African-style ceramics factory, international and traditional crafts,

TROPICAL FOOD – Being the most tourist island of Cape Verde, after Sal island, you will probably find any imported tropical produce at a higher price. SEAFOOD – lobster, shrimp, octopus, tuna, local fishing, high consumption and import, High probability to find all marine varieties of Cape Verde.

GUIDES AND HISTORY – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German ARCHITECTURE – traditional houses, modern tourist architecture MUSEUMS – Museum of Boa Vista MUSIC & ART – traditional music, morna and coladeira.

WORLD EVENTS – Praia da Cruz Beach Festival, Botchada Festival. CULTURAL EVENTS – traditional and live music, traditional and rural celebrations. CUSTOMS EVENTS – Sports, Live music of choice, local and cultural parties, seafood gastronomy.