The Best of Fogo

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The island is a whole Volcano

TREKKING – “Village Chà das caldeiras” , unforgettable climbs by the Peak of the volcano of the fogo (fire, volcano still active), crater of the eruption of 1995, Volcano with 2829 meters of altitude HICKING – Ribeira Filipe, Dazzling Vista, Landscape of Lavas going to the sea, Cova Figueira. CHà Das Caldeiras – ESTÁNCIA ROQUE. Walk between lavas and different plantations, many of them endemic. Ending in the community of Estancia Roque, where during the eruption of 1951, some people lost their homes, seen from the South Zone, as well as from Santiago Island BEACHES: Small black sand beaches. Crystalline waters.

DEEP SEA FISHING – shellfish, assorted species and seafood, crystal clear waters, ECOTURISM – craters, 200 year old Bao Bab tree, eruption violence, fertile land and various micro-climates, Monte Velha Forest, MONTE VELHA NATURAL PARK

LUXURY TOURISM – There is no luxury tourism in Fogo. At a maximum 3 stars Aparth Hotels and house rentals

ENTERTAINMENT: Tasting of the traditional wine of Chã das Caldeiras, better known as “Manecon” and to taste the coffee and the cheese of Fogo, são filipe parties and local coexistence, diving, traditional live music, traditional music, morna and coladeira, observation effect of the eruptions, paths of lavas, Monte Velha Forestry Perimeter with its eucalyptus, cypresses and many other species, walk to Ribeira Filipe NIGHT TOURS: local coexistence

FISHING – seafood, fish, grouper, tuna, commercial fishing, artisanal fishing AGRICULTURE – coffee plantations, grapes, fruit and vegetable plantations, fertile lands, eucalyptus COMMERCE – traditional cheese, coffee, wine, fish and seafood, household goods, import
INFRASTRUCTURE – Airfield of San Felipe, Port of Vale dos Cavaleiros, agricultural and fertile volcanic land.

HANDICRAFT – handicrafts of volcanic lava pieces, ceramic and traditional handicraft TROPICAL FOOD – the licor calabaceira, punch and juice of calabaceira, black grape (volcanic wine influence), tasty mangos, vegetables, SEAFOOD – lobster, shrimp, octopus , fishes

GUIDES AND HISTORY – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish
ARCHITECTURE – traditional houses built with lava stones. European and American architecture, Church of Saint Lawrence – church of sec. IV, colonial style, known by sobrado
MUSEUMS – Museum and Coperative of Wine, Natural Park of Fire MUSIC & ART – morna, coladeira, traditional clothes, religious decorations for traditional parties.

WORLD EVENTS – Horse Racing, international Religious celebrations and parties CULTURAL EVENTS – traditional live music, pilgrimages, traditional parties, gastronomy, religious celebrations. CUSTOMS EVENTS – you can create any kind of custom event on the island: Gastronomy and wine tours, walks to volcanos villages, Sports, Live music of choice, local and cultural parties.