The Best of Brava

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The Island of Flowers and Eugénio Tavares

TREKKING – mountainous island, Pico das Fontainhas its highest point (976 meters), Fajã de Agua, deep valleys contrast with the highest peaks HICKING – abrupt cliffs, hiking filled with shortcuts avoiding the hospitable grounds, Fajã de Agua BEACHES: Slight Beaches. Black sand small beaches with volcanic rocks.

DEEP SEA FISHING – clams, miscellaneous species, crystal clear waters ECOTURISM Climbing stones, volcanic rocks in ancient times – very rare sea birds colonies, bays, observation of migratory birds, flowers, whales, sharks.

LUXURY TOURISM There is no luxury tourism on Brava Island. AparthHotels ENTERTAINMENT: Vila Nova Sintra is a place full of romanticism and natural beauty, abrupt cliffs and seas of flowers, walks through the city of Sintra garden, quiet moments of pure relaxation and meditation, sighting of bird colonies very rare seas, panoramic views. House Eugénio Tavares. NIGHT TOURS: local coexistence FISHING – seafood, fish, grouper tuna, commercial fishing,artisanal fishing AGRICULTURE – tropical agriculture, strawberries, mangos, vegetables

COMMERCE – household goods, import INFRASTRUCTURE – Porto Inglês HANDICRAFT – laces and embroidery, traditional baskets

TROPICAL FOOD – banana, papaya, vegetables, beans, corn SEAFOOD – lobster, shrimp, octopus, assorted fish GUIDES AND HISTORY – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish

 Daughter of the lava and daughter of the sea,
 That the lava warms and the sea rebels,
 Your soul, O Brava, as you adipe,
 Dreaming wing loose in the air. "
   Eugénio Tavares   

ARCHITECTURE – traditional houses, colonial architecture , colonial sintra city MUSEUMS – Eugénio Tavares House MUSIC & ART – morna, coladeira, Literature, poem, Eugénio tavares.

WORLD EVENTS – no international events CULTURAL EVENTS – traditional live music, romarias, traditional and rural festivals. CUSTOMS EVENTS – traditional music, local and cultural parties.