The Best of São Vicente

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Mindelo, The Capital of Culture

TREKKING – From the outskirts of mindelo it is possible to travel most of the mountain circuits in two days: Salamansa – Monte Verde – North Bay – Calhau – Monte Cara HICKING mountains near the coastal areas, with shortcuts to the beaches and local coexistence. BEACHES: Largest urban beach in Cape Verde, Laginha Beach in the town of Mindelo. Baia das Gatas International Beach Festival, a natural swimming pool. Fishing and sports areas, São Pedro, Salamansa, Praia Grande

DEEP SEA FISHING – Underwater fishing, shellfish, varied species, great depths near the coastal areas: São Pedro, Salamansa,Calhau. ECOTOURISM – birds, whales, sharks, sea turtles,wind and solar energy.

LUXURY TOURISM – There is no luxury tourism in San Vicente, hotels up to 4 stars. We offer Morabeza, moray fish accompanied by a “pontchim” licor,homemade drink, to the sound of morna music and coladeira music. ENTERTAINMENT: island of music, theater, dance, island of love and passion, beautiful and friendly creoles girls, carnival demonstrations and local events. NIGHT TOURS: Local and cultural coexistence in the main areas of mindelo and beaches, cultural tours.

FISHING – seafood, fish, moray, tuna, grouper, commercial fishing, underwater fishing, artisanal fishing. AGRICULTURE – very little agricultural island, Juliao river, vineyard stream, wood. COMMERCE – fish and shellfish, agricultural products, brandy and sugarcane honey, tropical food, household goods, small business, variety of products importation. INFRASTRUCTURE – the largest port of Cape Verde, Porto of Porto Grande Bay, the 5th most beautiful bay in the world, residentials and 4 star hotels. HANDICRAFT – traditional tapestry, batik, painting, artistic recycling,production of traditional classic guitar.

TROPICAL FOOD – Fresh and healthy food from Santo Antão daily, “Ribeira de Vinha” Village, “Ribeira de Julião” Village, main point of importation of products from other islands, so you can probably find all the tropical products of Cape Verde. SEAFOOD – lobster, shrimp, octopus, craca, high consumption and import, High probability of finding all marine varieties of Cape Verde.

GUIDES AND HISTORY – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German ARCHITECTURE – medieval churches, Portuguese and English colonial architecture, modern architecture MUSEUMS – Museum of the Sea, Museum of Traditional Art MUSIC & ART – morna, coladeira, Cesária Évora, Bana, Tito Paris, modern music, theater International MindelAct, plastic and traditional arts.

WORLD EVENTS – Baia das gatas International Festival, Mindelo Carnival, Brazilian and capeverdean mix of Carnival and Music, International Water Sports Championships: Wind Surf, Kite Surf. CULTURAL EVENTS – traditional live music, pilgrimages, traditional and rural festivals, carnival, theater, highlight night life with quality music in the laginha beach every day at night, dancing.
CUSTOMS EVENTS – it is possible to create any type of custom wind on the island: Live music of choice, local and cultural festivals, Carnival demonstrations, guided tours, cultural and social coexistence.