The Best of Santo Antão

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The Island of the Mountains

TREKKING – Mountains and long walks from the Valley of Paúl, Valley of Ribeira da Torre (tower valley), Top of Coroa HICKING – Short walks, short walks to the valleys, local coexistence in traditional and rural environment BEACHES: black sand beaches, short and limited DEEP SEA FISHING – shellfish, rare species, environments with marine volcanoes ECOTOURISM – Natural herbs, plantations, valleys, mountains, tropical fruits, rare birds, phyto-ecology and the distribution of botanical species and types of plant communities with floristic composition.

LUXURY TOURISM – There is no luxury tourism in the island of santo antão. Hotels of maximum 4 stars. ENTERTAINMENT – sport fishing, diving, long walks, local festivals, live traditional music and sport NIGHT TOURS – local festivals

FISHING seafood, fish, commercial fishing, underwater fishing, artisanal fishing AGRICULTURE – agricultural island, the main local economy, producing a famous brandy from sugar cane: Grogue and Pontche  COMMERCE – fish and shellfish, seafood, agricultural products, brandy and sugarcane honey, tropical food, household goods INFRASTRUCTURE – port of porto novo, not accessible by plane,  hydraulics, water from mountains, renewable energies, small hotels with view to valleys and mountains  HANDICRAFT – traditional cloths, ceramics, traditional tapestry

TROPICAL FOOD – sweet potato, sugar cane, manioc, beet, banana silver, yam, corn, mango, papaya, honey, Fresh and healthy food and liqueurs SEAFOOD – lobster, shrimp, octopus

GUIDES AND HISTORY – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish ARCHITECTURE – rural and mountain houses, medieval churches MUSEUMS – Blimundo Museum, National Museum of Romarias (religious celebrations).

MUSIC & ART – Famous music band Cordas do Sol, “san jom” traditional and religious event, theater “juventude em marcha”, pottery, trapiche (sugar cane mill), rural life style WORLD EVENTS – Festival of curralete, a black sand beach in city of porto novo,
music festival “7 suns 7 moons” CULTURAL EVENTS – traditional live music, pilgrimages, traditional and rural festivals, carnival and theater. CUSTOMS EVENTS – traditional live music, theater, carnival.