The Best of São Nicolau

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The Island of the Tuna Fish and Baltasar Lopes

TREKKING – Mountainous island, steep and rugged mountains, Monte Gordo National Park, Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Sierras, cliffs – Mountain alignments,Valley of Ribeira Prata HICKING – Mountains near coastal areas, Juncalinho – natural swimming pool with crystal clear waters, the mysterious “Rotcha Scribida” BEACHES – Little beaches, Praia de Baixo Rocha, Praia Branca (tepid waters). Lagoon (greenish water in the middle of basaltic rocks), Carbeirinho Village.

DEEP SEA FISHING – tuna, shellfish, rare species, marine volcanoes environments ECOTOURISM – whales, sea turtles, natural herbs, plantations, valleys, mountains, tropical fruits.

LUXURY TOURISM – There is no Luxury Tourism. Some 3 star hotels and Residentials. ENTERTAINMENT – traditional music, carnival, sport fishing, diving, long walks, local festivals, music and sport NIGHT TOURS – local parties and traditional music and gastronomy FISHING seafood, fish, sharks, commercial fishing, underwater fishing, artisanal fishing

AGRICULTURE Island rich in tropical agriculture, manioc, banana, mango, sugar cane, yam COMMERCE – fish and shellfish, agricultural products, brandy and honey from sugarcane INFRASTRUCTURE – natural park of Monte Gordo, Stone (from neighboring quarries), wood, glass.

HANDICRAFT – lace and embroidery, basketwork, miniatures in wood, costume jewelery
TROPICAL FOOD – fresh and tropical food, mandioca, mandioca flour, banana, mango, sugarcane
SEAFOOD – lobster, shrimp, octopus.

GUIDES AND HISTORY – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish
ARCHITECTURE – cottages and mountains, medieval churches. European and colonial architecture MUSEUMS – Tarrafal Fishing Museum of São Nicolau, Water Museum MUSIC & ART – literature, morna,bazurka, carnival.

WORLD EVENTS – Tedja Beach Music Festival, Tuna festival
CULTURAL EVENTS – traditional live music, pilgrimages, traditional and rural festivals, carnival CUSTOMS EVENTS – traditional live music, carnival, traditional and cuçtural music