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Created in 1991, Neves Travel is the travel and event agency featured in the Portuguese-speaking community, particularly Cape Verde, in New England, United States.

With its headquarters in the first city that welcomed the Cape Verdeans and Portuguese, New Bedford, Neves Travel knows the market and knows the wishes and tastes of a community that, increasingly, seeks a differentiated, quality and efficient service.

With a network of contacts made up of airlines, agents, and freight forwarders worldwide, Neves Travel responds to the specific requirements of a customer, groups and communities, offering customized services.

Traveling is an integrated concept of pleasure, safety and fulfillment that begins at the time of planning and ends long after reaching the destination. It is understood by Neves Travel that traveling is as simple as enjoying unforgettable moments and, therefore, bets on a service that goes beyond taking a plane.

The production and realization of events, with the components of travel, business and culture, constitutes another domain of specialization of Neves Travel, in which it has a long experience.

In May 2011, we organized Hello Cabo Verde, an event that brought together in New Bedford dozens of companies and women and business men from Cape Verde, the United States, Portugal and other communities, as well as various institutions. During three days, there was a fair of products, workshops, networking and cultural events, with results that still develop today in terms of partnerships and investments.

In 2013, the city of Brockton hosted the Expo Back to the Roots, with a strong cultural component. Companies, institutions and municipalities that promoted the riches of the origins of several of the communities residing in the United States and which today are the destinations of our clients were present.
Neves Travel is present at international tourism and travel fairs and promotes shows by great artists and groups, Os Tubarões, Ildo Lobo, The Kings, Bana, Zeca de Nha Reinalda, Teté Alhinho, Norberto Tavares, Teófilo Chante, Neusa, Nancy Vieira, Belinda, Djosinha, Tabazá Djaz, Kassav, The Wailers and Exile One, among many others

Neves Travel, committed to quality and high flights.
We Fly High to Low Prices

The President, Tony Neves

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1 (508) 996-1332 New Bedford
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1 (617) 436-6667 Boston

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