The Best of Cape Verde

The Best of Cape Verde is an application specially directed and focused on citizens Cape Verdeans living in the United States or Cape Verde and descendants, and other citizens who want to visit Cape Verde, whether for vacations or business trips, or the discovery of the MORABEZA. This information also supports our services:

  • Allow our travelers to plan their stay in the country of contrasts, Cape Verde, 10 islands, 10 contrasts.
  • Our website is also used to record information on support such as health infrastructure, banking, communications, electricity, water, security, and in the next version will create a cost report applyed to Cape verde destinations for any purpose. This database is available on our constantly updated website.
  • In the next version you can add your favorite places, check the costs of the stay, automatically send us your preferences and analyze the costs for your stay in Cape Verde, whether for vacation, tourism or business trips.
  • All potential information is available in two languages: English and Portuguese covering all communities.

It is noteworthy the number of individuals who are aware of the great changes that are taking place in Cape Verde and how these changes will affect the years to come. This event is possible because we all know that the links between the islands and the United States have the potential to be stronger than they currently are.

The President , Tony Neves

This application is inspired by the program Back to the Roots Tours conducted by NevesTravel.

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Government, business, individual, travelers
can use our extensive database published as posts:

  • For each island a chart is shown if the island fits your individual needs or your company needs.
  • If you are looking for a TOUR throughout the archipelago or if you want to visit a group of islands that meets your tourist, business or entrepreneurial needs
  • here on our website you can gather all the information to make your reservation and help you plan your trip.

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